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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  May 16, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. ♪ [ music ] >> tonight, d.c. is mourning the godfather of go-go. singer, song writer, and guitarist, chuck brown, helped define d.c.'s music scene with this funky beat.
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tonight, fox 5 is remembering chuck brown. the godfather may be gone, but his music and influence lives on. thank you for joining us, i'm shawn yancy. >> and i'm brian bolter. chuck brown died at the age of 75 today. he was at john hopkins battling pneumonia. >> fox 5's audrey barnes begins our coverage. audrey. >> reporter: chuck brown was perhaps best known as the gadfather of go-go, but he was an incredible family man. he scheduled his concert appearances around his son's football games and he passed his music to his other son. he left his mark on d.c. as well. >> talk about going to ben's chili bowl. you talk about the lincoln theater, the howard theater,
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and you talk about chuck. because they are all institutions. >> love grown up loving chuck brown. he sang at her high school prom and to this day, she still moves by his music. >> i know all those chuck brown songs and when i hear one, i will get out of my car and dance in the street if i have to. chuck brown could not only sing, he also played the guitar he nicknamed blonde. he helped launch a new genera of music called go-go. it was quickly spread beyond d.c. he was nicknamed the godfather of go-go and it stuck. chuck brown was set to reform at the howard theater last month, but had to cancel because he was ill. he never made it out of the hospital. brown died today at johns hopkins hospital. heartbreaking news for family and friends who hoped upon hope that the 75-year-old would
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recover. >> the family is very devastated at this time. so my dad's manager will come out with an official statement. we thank this great city for loving chuck brown. please keep the family in your prayers. >> reporter: love, the community affairs director at cbs radio d.c. says she is not focusing on brown's last days before he died, but all the wonderful days he lived. >> i'm very thankful that chuck was in our lives and the bottom line is, that heaven has an angel and they are going go- go in heaven. >> doing go-go in heaven. funeral arrangements for chuck brown are not yet complete. there was an impromptu vigil at the howard theater. we'll have that part of the story at 11:00, shaun. we are here in the web center where you can go to you will find a picture. you will find videos and also
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find several interviews that i did with chuck brown in recent years. i enjoyed sitting down with him. he was so full of life, so full of energy. he loved talking about his family, his incredible career and his first grammy nomination . ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: for five decades, chuck brown gave his fans his all. a genera of music he created in the early 70s. >> the first day at go-go club, go-go girls, go-go dancers and go-go music. i decided to call it go-go music. >> reporter: last year at the age of 74, chuck earned his first grammy nomination. >> it's the greatest thing. >> how did it make you feel? >> oh my god, i couldn't believe it. i haven't gotten over it. i'll never get over it.
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>> reporter: chuck started singing gospel, but it wasn't enough to keep him out of trouble. he spent his youth in and out of jails. lorton penitentiary is the place that gave life to his musical career. >> after doing three of those shows, i knew that i would be something when i got out of there. >> reporter: early in chuck's career, he played guitar in the earls of rhythm. he recorded countless go-go covers. but his biggest hit came in the late 1970s. >> we did busting loose in '78. that's when it took off. everybody knew what go-go was then. >> reporter: chuck credits his decades of success to his generations of fans and the love of his family. >> i am inspired by my wife and my children. that's my greatest inspiration. >> indeed he did love his
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family and he loved his fans. the news of chuck brown's passing lit up social media sites. earlier today, twitter was generating 20 new posts about the d.c. music legend every 20 seconds. also facebook lit up with your reaction. samuel wrote, one of the founders and creators of an original form of music. he leaves behind a legacy that for ever changed it. brian wrote, a true voice for us here in d.c. mary wrote, rest in peace, chuck brown, you are d.c., you will be missed by all of us. mary, i agree with you. chuck, thanks for sharing yourself with us. rest in peace. our coverage is far from over. at 10:30, one of the performers, one of the musicians who performed with chuck brown joins us to share his stories of this man's wonderful life and legacy. brian. a developing story tonight on a death in the kennedy
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family. mary richardson kennedy, the estranged wife of robert kennedy jr. was found dead in her home. she struggled with drug and alcohol problems. the kennedys have four children. the youngest born in 2001. an autopsy is planned for thursday. another developing story here at home, d.c. police are investigating a multicar crash after a police chase. happened earlier tonight in northeast. several people taken to the hospital and the suspects were arrested. fox 5's wisdom martin has the latest. >> reporter: the chase started in d.c. near sheriff road and eastern avenue and when police said the suspects in the black suv were wanted for impersonating police officers. tonight, we talked to several people who were on the road when the crash happened. just after 6:00 p.m., this section of south dakota avenue northeast is shut down after a high speed chase ends in a multicar crash. >> i had no idea what was
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going on. >> reporter: carlos turner were at the stoplight seconds before the crash. >> i could hear cars coming from one direction, but i couldn't see him at the time and i told my partner to stop the car. when i stopped, the black truck came out of nowhere. he swerved from hitting me. >> reporter: at that point, the black suv hit the toyota corolla, then hit the cadillac and hit the limo bus. >> i have never seen anything like this in my life. >> reporter: ed davis was right behind the limo bus. >> the black truck the bandits had, they got out of control and ran into the limousine and when it ran into the limousine, it hit this car, the cadillac and the limousine at the same time and when it hit the limousine, which caused the impact so tremendous and the
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limousine went back so many feet striking my car. >> reporter: gerard hall and michael were in the batting cage nearby when they heard the noise. >> we were standing right here by the tree because we were getting ready to start our practice. and i heard him coming down south dakota avenue and then the next thing i know, we hear this crash, bang. >> i saw the cars crash and the police came and started going towards the black suv. >> that's when the police jumped out, pulled their guns, started breaking the windows. >> reporter: the two suspects in the black suv had been taken into custody. >> now, charges are still pending on those suspects. brian. wisdom martin tonight. up next, the fbi ready to bring the hammer down on the leak about the foiled underwear bomb plot. plus, find out why a local university is the new battleground for the war between the white house and the
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catholic church. and later, a brave teen takes to the air waves with her prom proposal, his answer and the social media movement it sparks. you don't want to miss this one, sue. we have a frontal boundary north of our area. it's getting ready to swing through overnight and it's going to bring big changes for our thursday forecast. i'll tell you all about it with our full forecast coming up. and ahead on the news edge, a major advertiser says it is pulling the plug on its facebook ads. how bad is that for the social network just before it starts selling stock? at 11:00. 
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warnings of a terror plot targeting the airlines grabbed attention. now the fbi investigating who leaked information about the plot. the press released details. despite a request from the obama administration to wait for an official announcement. katherine has the story. >> reporter: fbi director,
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robert muller confirming an investigation into who leaked information about a recent al- qaeda plot is now underway. >> leaks, such as this, threaten on going operations. puts at risk the lies of sources, makes it much more difficult to recruit sources. and consequently, a leak is taken seriously and we will investigate thoroughly. >> the cia destroyed a u.s. bound airliner. underwear bomb possibly around the one year anniversary of death of osama bin laden. the associated press learned about details of the plot in late april, but did not reveal them until this month after the white house asked the ap to hold this story. testifying before the senate judiciary committee, the fbi chief says the u.s. is trying to minimize the impact. >> there are discussions are going on with partners overseas to make certain that whatever impact there is, is minimized
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and precautions put into place so that in the future it doesn't happen again. >> the fbi investigation is the latest move in the campaign by the obama administration to crack down on leaks. the obama administration has brought at least six criminal cases against those who leak government secrets to the media. in washington, katherine, fox news. the defense rested today in the trial of former presidential candidate, john edwards. his lawyer spent two days of calling witnesses and presenting evidence. the focus on the legal question of whether nearly a million bucks were actually campaign donations. prosecutors claim edwards funneled that money to hide his pregnant mistress. >> the key witness of roger clemens appeared to play into the hands of defense. former strength coach testified clemens asked for help with a booty shot. did not specifically use the word, steroids. he also admitted he lied before about facts in the investigation and his memory evolved over time.
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clemens is accused of lying to congress about taking enhancement drugs. health and human services secretary has been invited to speak at georgetown university this weekend. the invitation is sparking conversation. karen explains. >> reporter: georgetown is the nation's oldest catholic university. the question being raised is whether the school should play host to a speaker responsible for a public policy that provides payment for birth control. >> personally, i think georgetown has a tradition of having both sides of any issue being heard, whether or not it's in line with catholic values or not. >> besides, it was a student group that invited health and human services secretary to speak at the public policy institute awards ceremony. >> that is a position that oversees some of the largest government programs and some of the largest budgets and that is directly relevant to the things we are interested in. >> it's the u.s. conference of
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catholic bishops that is waging the campaign against the contraception mandate. >> we didn't ask for this. we like to get along and cooperate. >> they were not happy when the obama administration shifted its position to require insurance companies to pay instead of employers and now want him uninvited. we did our own unscientific survey while on campus and we were hard pressed to find any students that will see the invitation withdrawn. >> i don't think th be a problem, because i think people should be treated equally regardless of what they believe. >> i have no problem with her speaking. i think it's nice. georgetown is not just a catholic institution. we are an open institution. >> in a statement, the cardinal calls the choice the most direct challenge to religious liberty in recent history. georgetown's president says the secretary presence should not be viewed of an endorsement of her views. >> that was karen gray houston
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reporting. the students want to talk about contraception and no intention of withdrawing that invitation. the secretary says she plans to be there. the parents and friends of exgays group is suing the montgomery county superintendent for sexual orientation dediscrimination. claiming people can choose to be heterosexual instead of gay. superintendent joshua star called the message reprehensible and deplorable. the district says it had no choice but to distribute those players because any nonprofit is allowed to send home papers with students. the school is now reviewing the complaint. maryland lawmakers wrapped up their special session today by passing a new budget, which includes higher taxes. affects individuals that make more than $100,000 a year. couples earning more than $150,000. also part of the deal. county governments will have to share half the cost of teacher pensions. the moves are needed to preserve programs that the
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previous budget came up short on. >> is that a reasonable price to increase public education by $200 million? or to keep tuitions at a 3% increase? or to give our local jurisdictions money for police protection? you bet it is. i'm willing to -- i'm one of those people that will have to pay more taxes. >> the bill now heads to the governor's desk for his signature. >> it is a project that will redefine the way you travel in virginia. but it's anything but easy for metro silver line. the problems threatening the plan are coming up next. and if you see a story you think we should look into, send your news tip to or give us a call.  [ male announcer ] u.s. olympian gwen jorgensen
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will metro's silver line be extended? probably, but not without bumps along the way. under intense pressure from virginia legislators abandon its policy of making it easier for construction companies to bid on contracts. john hanrahan has the story. >> the first half of the silver line metro project will extend train service from falls church to the rusten area. the contracts for the multibillion dollar enterprise have project labor agreement clauses that basically give some advantage to companies that have unionized labor forces. overseeing the rail project approves the pla contracts. >> project labor agreement ensures you have qualified labor on the project qualify, meaning they know their trades, likely to do the work, safer, more efficiently. you'll have less lost time and so forth. >> not everyone agrees that giving a slight edge to
10:24 pm
unionize construction companies makes a project more financially efficient. threatening to pull out, unless the airport's authority scraps the pla preference. virginia's governor and transportation secretary have loudly complained that project labor agreements on the project violate the spirit of the state's right to work law. nonsense, thinks board member, robert clark brown, who tried to get a resolution pointing out that no virginia laws are being violated. even in unionized construction companies, no workers are required to join the unions. the resolution created heartburn for committee chair, tom davis, former republican congressman who says he is desperately trying to keep together a consensus. >> number one, this is an attempt to embarrass the governor. i understand the politics of this. i don't think that's helpful with our funding partners. i don't think it's the professional way to handle
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this. >> davis convinced the majority of committee members to put aside that resolution. the full board will meet at or before june 6 and try to put together if possible some kind of compromise on its current policy of contracts that includes project labor agreements for the silver line. stay tuned. john hanrahan, fox 5 news. back to our big story tonight. d.c. remembering chuck brown. coming up next, a musician that played with chuck for years joins us live. plus, the price of progress. a much needed highway expansion in virginia could come at the cost of a historic site. we have both sides of this brewing battle coming up next. just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. mmm-hmm. and just leave your phone in your purse. i don't want you texting, all right? daddy...ok!
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ok, here you go. be careful. thanks dad. call me -- but not while you're driving. ♪ [ dad ] we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru. ♪
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. ♪ [ music ]
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d.c. legend, chuck brown, is dead. in fact, he defined the go-go sound after battling pneumonia for weeks, he died of multiple organ failure. he was 75. joining me live, a musician, mr. brian mills. you played with chuck brown for more than a decade. i can't imagine what it must have been like for you, someone who worked with chuck, who knew chuck when you heard the news, what went through your mind? what were you thinking? >> chuck was an inspiration not just to me, but so many people in the d.c. area. so many people calling and saying i'm sorry for your loss. it was everyone's loss. chuck touched the lives of so many young people that didn't have the father figure roles in their life. the inspiration to so many.
10:30 pm
>> i heard that so many times. he was like a father figure. he had his own sons and daughter, explain what you mean by that. you didn't get into go-go. we know it was here before then, but as a child, what did you think or hear about chuck? >> you know, chuck -- me being a musician and being into jazz and generas of music, chuck, he personified the jazz and introduced it to a will the of people that weren't familiar with the likes of duke elington, these people, chuck brought out their music into his music and introduced it to a generation of people that probably would have never heard it before. and my dealings and relationship with chuck over the years, everything was a story. everything was a lesson. every time he spoke, it was something educational and informative. for that matter in itself, that was where the father figure
10:31 pm
came. there was always a lesson with chuck brown. everything he said was a great story. you rode in the car with him for ten hours, you would never be bored. >> what is the one thing you remember, something he told you or talked about over the course of your friendship? >> what most impressed me about chuck was his love for the people. whenever replayed at venues, there was a separation between the crowd and the stage. he always asked that the police let the people come close. he never liked having body guards. he was very approachable and personalable with the crowd and he was always very, never wanted to be separated or -- even though he was larger than life, he never let anyone else know that. people say is chuck brown down to earth, and he was very, very down to earth. >> what sort of impact or legacy does he leave on the d.c. music scene on go-go, on music in general?
10:32 pm
>> he was an innovator. he didn't just participate, he created the sound. and there will never be another. we are at a great loss and his music and legacy will live on for ever. there's a street named after him. i don't know what everyone is doing right now, but his music is being played on all the radio stations, his videos, you know, it's a sad occasion, but i'm sure everyone is d.c. is celebrating his life. >> indeed. thanks so much for coming in. thanks for sharing your personal stories. we appreciate it. >> our coverage of chuck brown's life continues on also a photo gallery right there on our home page. new tonight, a battle is brewing in southern fairfax county pitting a new highway against a historic property. fox 5 takes a look at the price
10:33 pm
of progress. >> the butter cups are in full bloom, painted horses taking the midday sun. for generations, the field and stables have been a small patch of peace in a very busy corner of southern fairfax county. >> it's very special. i grew up riding in these fields. when i came home from college in the summer, i would know i was home when i pulled up here and saw this on my right. >> now an 8-lane highway could come barreling right through it. >> i think it would just be a shame on all fronts to lose this. >> woodlawn stables are on land that used to belong to george washington. the founding father gave the surrounding acreage as a wedding gift. wood lawn plantation is owned by the national trust for historic preservation. the 60-year-old stables are a private business that leases its land from the trust and the two are divided by route 1.
10:34 pm
this section of the road is a commuter nightmare made worse with the relocation of several military departments to the fort belvoir area. >> we need to widen route 1. >> sounds great, but there's a problem. federal law says the federal highway administration must minimize the harm to historic properties. so the big question boils down to this. which part of all of this historic land deserves to be protected and which part will have to be sacrificed to make way for progress? widening a bit on both sides would affect parts of the stable fields, wood lawn plantation, which is also home to frank lloyd wright's house and the woodlawn baptist church, a congregation that dates back to 1968. >> it's not a win-win situation, because obviously there has to be a decision made and how the road will be expanded. >> a bypass option could spare
10:35 pm
everything, except wood lawn stables and the mason house with the highway running right through that. it is possible they could both be relocated. >> the stake holders have been working on threading the needle on this. but a lot of competing interest and different points of view. >> wainwright is also an instructor here. she fears if the bypass comes, the stables will be wiped out. she worries ability the school horses and the loss of this way of life. >> we don't want one piece of history to be sacrificed. we believe that it can all be saved. >> reporter: those that love the stable and these wide open spaces hope they can make enough noise to make a melanie. >> fox 5 news. >> no decision has been decided on. will another judge be leaving the table?
10:36 pm
also, a teenager makes a bold move to make a prom date. wait until you hear her story and the social movement it sparked. first, here is neil. >> facebook fever is heating up a day after upping the price range for its first public stock offering to $34 to $38. the company is saying it will sell 25% more shares than originally planned. the stock offering is due this friday and it's expected to be the largest internet ipo ever. meanwhile, the housing market is slowly building at least a little momentum. builders breaking ground on more new homes, but the pace below the level needed. and the world's busiest airport is getting busier. atlanta's airport opening its new international terminal today. the $1.4 billion expansion expected to bring in more than $1,000 new jobs. >> and sketchers is paying up
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for its shapeup shoes. false advertising suit with the federal and state governments for $15 million. but it denies any wrong doing. kim kardashian and other celebrities claiming toning shoes could help lose weight. that's business, i'm neil. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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the first man to accuse john travolta hired fame lawyer, gloria allred. the news comes one day after the unidentified masseur parted ways with the first attorney and dropped his lawsuit against travolta. the lawsuit was dismissed without prejudice, meaning they can refile if they choose to do so. a second lawsuit filed by another masseur is active. former penn state coach,
10:41 pm
jerry sandusky, is asking the judge to throw out the charges against him. some counts are too vague to defend and the other, identities have not been determined. the trial is scheduled to get underway in less than three weeks. sandusky is accused of abusing three boys over ten years. coming up tonight at 11:00, could a simple food be a simple food when it comes to breast cancer? we'll tell you where researchers found a way to shrink tumors. >> and voted to increase income taxes on some residents and to split the cost of teacher pensions with local governments. what does that mean for you on the edge? ♪
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unless you ask, what's next? [ zapping ] [ clang ] this is the next level of performance. the next level of innovation. the next rx. the all-new f sport. this is the pursuit of perfection. prom is one of the biggest events of the year for any high school senior. one high school student, one rockville student had her heart set on one particular young man. so she came up with the unique approach for a prom proposal. laura evans has the touching
10:45 pm
story. >> chloe thomas is busy these days picking out prom shoes, accessories, and scheduling beauty appointments. getting to this point was a bit of a journey. >> had asked three or more boys from her special needs class to go and they head backed out for one reason or another. >> she all but given up on prom when chloe decided to ask a popular boy from her health class. >> he is taken, so i can't say he's cute, but he's funny. he has a great sense of humor. he was making jokes and everything, so i thought he could go with me or something. >> too embarrassed to ask hum face to face, she wanted her proposal video taped and played on the school's morning newscast. >> i tried to discourage her.
10:46 pm
i was afraid if she asked this kid that i didn't know that she would be hurt and disappointed and embarrassed. she said mom, i thought you would be proud of me for being brave to do that. >> so crazy proud of you for what you did. >> we quickly learned what chloe's moms, friends, and teachers have learned all along. chloe has guts. >> i just want to know if you would go to prom with me. >> i saw that, the whole school saw that and then the hallways, i was getting, say yes, say yes. and what are you going to do? what are you going to say? >> you're just cool and everything. >> the next day, i did the same thing. >> here's an important announcement. >> coe chloe, thank you very much for inviting me to prom, i would love to go with you. >> i was brokenhearted when i
10:47 pm
came up and she wasn't there. >> she was home sick, but her mom got a call with the news. >> who knew that kids in this day and age think and feel like that? it's been a pretty amazing ride. and we feel really blessed. >> it's the perfect fit. >> now, chloe is focused on her dress. >> it's like the movie from cinderella when she meets her prince. >> and her dance >> you put your hands up and go like that. see. you get everyone started. see? >> meantime, chloe has one more video message for joseph. >> thank you for choosing for me. i just want to say that you're good. >> thank you very much for inviting me to prom and i can't wait to go with you.
10:48 pm
it will be an amazing day and hopefully we'll have a lot of fun. >> it will be the best party ever. >> how great is she? >> oh my goodness. she said you better be on time. >> good for her. and by the way, chloe's mom offered to pay for joseph's tux and the limo and the ticket to prom, but he refused saying he was absolutely thrilled to be taking chloe. joseph does have a girlfriend and the girlfriend said absolutely, take her, she totally gave her blessing and by the way, there is now an effort underway to nominate chloe for homecoming queen. that is wonderful. >> isn't that wonderful? >> i don't think there's a dry eye up here, including me. you know, chloe loves to do video taped messages, so she had one more shoutout that we wanted to play. >> brian bolter, that is my boy right there. he is awesome.
10:49 pm
i don't know if you are there anymore, but you better listen to me. my dad likes when you walk around and say that things, i don't know what he does, but sue is cool. i've been to her house. >> that's my girl. chloe. oh my gosh, yeah. >> she made up that when she was at a jonas brother's concert. chloe, you're the best. come to my house sometime, too. a wonderful story. have fun at prom. to both of them, amazing parents, you did a great job raising your children. >> he seems like an awesome young man. a lot of fun. >> i just love this whole generation of kids. i think they are unbelievable. we can learn from them. >> yes, indeed. >> thank you, have fun at prom. okay, i know, i'm such a sentmental baby. >> we need to work on the forecast for prom night.
10:50 pm
do you know, is it this weekend? >> a week from friday. >> i'm going to try to get you covered so it won't be any rain on prom night. and actually, it looks like we'll be heading for some really lovely weather, guys. one to show you that as we look live outside. it was a warm day today. we got up to 80 degrees and we are going to be able to shave at least five, six, seven or eight degrees off of that tomorrow just in case it was too hot for you. let's take a look at high temperatures. it was humid early in the morning. our humidity dropped in the afternoon. we are going to see a little bit of a change up later tonight. i want to show you the weather headlines. we have one more front later tonight. very soon, actually. you'll know it because the winds might gust just a little bit as it comes on through. could be an isolated shower in a couple of spots. it will be a breezy and cooler air mass that comes into town tomorrow. 70s for many of you and a couple spots may stay in the
10:51 pm
low 70s. the warmth does return for the weekend. on satellite and radar, we had a cloud deck coming on through and just to our north, a couple showers. now that's where the front is. this is no repeat of what we had going on last night, but it is still possible that we could get a bit of a shower when this front swings on through and would you believe, maybe an isolated rumble of thunder if it can find energy or higher dew points. it looks like the winds will pick up a little bit. not a lot, but 15 to 20 miles per hour. you can see the colors indicating where we'll pick up winds. maybe you are noticing that in cumberland. this is where you'll know the difference. we are 73 degrees right now. frederick 68. but still, these are fairly mild temperatures. behind this cool front though, pittsburgh is only 55 degrees. so cooler air, believe it or not, we could drop into the 50s later tonight. here in d.c., probably 60. the suburbs could be in the
10:52 pm
50s. mostly fair overnight. tomorrow, a beautiful day. it's going to be a cooler feeling day. it's going to be less humid, lots of sunshine. make it feel different than today did. at 8:00 in the morning, 62. by noon, 70. and by 5:00, 74. and a look around the region here as we look at our high temperatures, lots of sunshine, 77 for quantico. 74 for d.c. frederick about 71. we are going to keep this going into the weekend. i want to say it warms up for the weekend and we have one coastal area of low pressure that we have to watch. make sure it doesn't drift closer to the coast at any point over the weekend. we will keep things dry, 80 on saturday. we'll have that forecast coming up at 11:00. sunday about 83 degrees and again we'll watch and see what is going on with a weak area of low pressure. but i think that looks like a terrific five-day forecast. we'll have more on the weekend. brian.
10:53 pm
♪ [ music ] contestant, jessica sanchez performing an aerosmith song. whether jessica or joshua go home tomorrow. also drama behind the scenes of american idol. jennifer lopez dropped hints of her future. sarah fraisher will correct me on all the pronunciations. >> we'll get to all the controversy that is going on with jlo and the judge's panel, but we have to talk about what everybody was talking about on the idol chat tonight. and of course that's who is going to win it. we are down to the top three and really, our chatters, everyone on is
10:54 pm
between jessica and phillip. even though joshua takes it away with the judges, not everybody is feeling what they are feeling. so that is where we stand. we'll find out more, of course, one more going home tomorrow. here's the big topic. us weekly is confirming that jennifer lopez will not be back next year on american idol as one of the judges. she's going on tour and she says other projects as well as her kids, they will keep her away from the american idol panel. so we'll see what happens. they will be looking for a new judge. the other big rumor that came out through tmz is that randy and steven will also be gone. their salaries are enormous. they are all making britney spears money. that could be happening, too. at this point, we know jlo is going to be out. next week is the season finale. we'll have that on wednesday. aerosmith will be performing with joe perry. rihanna, and so much more. we'll be back next week. we'll have more on the jlo upset of the panel of judges.
10:55 pm
back up to you. >> it has been named one of the happiest places in the country and it is within driving distance of d.c. we'll take you there for a visit. no, this isn't disney world. we'll be right back. ♪ [ male announcer ] it's one thing... to have created an icon and quite another to have done it generation after generation. to the long line of legendary mercedes-benz sl roadsters... ♪ the 2013 sl. do a lot of sending... and receiving. sending...and receiving. sending...and receiving. sending...and receiving. sending...and receiving.
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just an hour and a half from d.c., you could learn something from a small maryland town. the town really has something to smile about. >> maybe it's the sound or the sights, if you have to work during retirement, this is a good office window. >> how can you not be happy with a setting like this? >> that word happy comes up the moment you are welcome to maryland. >> we are happy every day. yeah. it doesn't change. >> this community of 1900 people in southern calvert county are so cal is the
10:59 pm
happiest seaside town. >> go figure. >> i think they are absolutely right. >> when chris heard the news. >> first of all, i smiled because you know, we are happy. what's not to like? beautiful here. >> carmen owns carmen's gallery. >> it's like another world out here. >> she is involved in a painting class upstairs. there's plenty to eat and paint. >> we have beautiful sunsets every day. now one of the things that people like about this place is, it seems there's water everywhere you look. take a look over there. that's the river over my left shoulder. this way, this creek is called the nor rows and way out into the distance, that is the chesapeake bay. >> i can look out any window in my business in the front, back, anywhere, and see water. >> cost of living, sunny days versus cloudy days, some things you can't measure. >> something happens to you, everybody comes